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Through The Decades!!!!

Summer show: 

We are thrilled to announce that the summer show will be called ‘Through The Decades’. The children will have the wonderful opportunity to perform on the Wyllyotts Theatre stage, with a live orchestral band and a professional lighting designer. We are pulling out all the stops for our Summer 2017 end of year show. 


‘Though The Decades’ 

Toby is a new bright eyed student at the royal academy. Growing up with an underprivileged childhood Toby had fought to get to where he is and won’t stop until he has reached the top. He is seeking extra tuition and very determined to get it for a once in a life time opportunity. You will be taken you on an enthralling journey of musicals from the 20’s through to the current times, from Broadway to West End, from Bob Fosse to School Of Rock this original musical has something for everyone.


We have loved creating and writing the concept and script to Through The Decades. The script offers lots of equal parts and opportunities and we know that the children are going to have so much fun working on it. 


To maintain our theatre schools high standards, it is very important that participants regularly attend all classes during the lead up to the show. If a child is absent, it not only effects them, but also the other pupils in the class as well, while new dances, songs and scenes are being taught. If part of a dance is choreographed when a child is absent, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that he/she will be in that part of the dance. If a child has missed more than 3 sessions during the lead up to the show we will have to consider giving their role to their understudy. We are aware that we are asking for a huge commitment into our Summer show, but this is to ensure that fair and equal practises are put in place from the start of the term. We know all of the children are fantastic and want them to be in as much as possible.